Welcome Spring!


Did you notice those blue and purple flowers popping up in the grassy fields? 😀 They are sending the message that spring has officially arrived in Finland! What’s even better is that THE END OF SEMESTER IS COMING! I can imagine many of you are cramming for exams and end-of-term papers. Hang in there, you can do it! Meanwhile, wanna take a break and join us for a day of fun?

Frontier and ALKU (the student organization of Area and Cultural Studies) are arranging a May Day picnic together on the 30th of April at Kaisaniemi Park. There will be free snacks, and at some point of the day, we will head over to see The Crowning of Havis Amanda at the Market Square. Click here for more information.

There is another good news we wish to share with you. We have been discussing with ALKU and Macondo (the student organization of Latin American Studies) since the early March about the possibility of merging. By now, it has become certain that the three student organizations will combine into a larger body while still maintaining their autonomy on a certain level. The execution means that in the future we can bring much more students together, and Frontier may arrange events independently or jointly with other two groups to create a lot of multicultural activities. Stay tuned!


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