Board 2013!

Please welcome the brand new Frontier Board of 2013!

President: Essi Heiskanen
Vice President: Elina Niemelä
Treasurer: Elmo Rissanen
Secretary: Satu Lassila
Facilities: Sonja Lehtinen
Webmaster and social media representative: Tea Hardy
International affairs and freshmen liaison: Tytti McVeigh
Environment: Julia Mäklin

We’re all excited to serve as the Frontier Board of 2013! As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Frontier; just send an e-mail to or join us on Facebook: FRONTIER. We’d love to hear your ideas and input and we’re always happy to meet new people who share the same passion – North America!


Cool new patch, eh? Come to any of the Frontier events and buy one (or two)! 1 patch costs 3 euros, 2 patches are 5 euros. We’ll also be selling our old patch that never goes out of style for the same prices 🙂


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