What would life be without culture and parties?

A big hello from your culture and party representative. My name is Matleena and I’m ashamed that it took me this long to write something -I guess they chose the right person for the culture and parties post because culture and parties have kept me busy lately. Now that Frontier is on its first official summer vacay, I thought I’d take the time and let you in on what’s going on in terms of Frontier’s upcoming parties and happenings.

 Our beloved organization got back on its feet a year ago. And what a year it has been! The organization was able to throw a good amount of happenings and events last year. The kickoff in the fall term was a huge success, the Halloween party was a good practice on how to throw good parties…and Thanksgiving Dinner was pure heaven. Oscar Night was a night to remember. Surely both will stay a tradition from now on! We also organized a couple of game nights, bakesales, and pub gatherings. Each and every meeting and event brought new people to our organization and we’re looking forward to acquiring more active people to Frontier in the fall term 2007. The most interesting happenings, perhaps, were the two conference trips Frontier helped  organize in the spring term. Tartu and Tampere Conferences weren’t the same after us, frontierees, populated the conference rooms…

Next year we plan actively to recruit new members to our organization so that Frontier will stay alive and become one of the most popular and active student organizations in the university. If you want to participate in planning our upcoming events or if you have any ideas concerning the culture and party field, or any other issues related to Frontier, please feel free to contact any of the board members or come by at the fun and informal meetings this fall! We welcome everyone with open arms!!!

Next year we will definitely keep Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Oscar Night in the event list. Hopefully we’ll also be able to throw several smaller gatherings from movie nights to pub crawls. We will be active in terms of freshmen and we hope to get a bunch of new people to help us and give us new and fresh ideas. The most intersting and intriguing thing, however, is the possibility of a trip to Frontier’s homeland. Or home countries…so keep tuned, we’ll let you in on the details if and when we get our plans together.

Hopefully academic year 2007-2008 will be a year to remember. If that’s up to Frontier, the year will be full of fireworks. As far as parties and culture are concerned, I promise to keep Frontier active in terms of these. Enjoy your summer vacays so that in the fall term you’ll have enough energy to take part in all the fun!!

Cheers and see you all in the fall term!



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